Choosing the right telephony hardware for effective communications

Telephony Hardware

With so many handsets to choose from it can be somewhat confusing to choose the right handset for your office voice communications. From our perspective, Yealink Handsets offer a great balance of functionality, relatively low-cost and crystal-clear sound quality. In addition, all Yealink desk phones include Optima HD audio technologies that provide industry-leading acoustic clarity. Essentially, this delivers quality audio in both high-bandwidth and poor network conditions.

There are several ranges available including low-end budget, to functional business grade and high-end enterprise handsets. At Neodigital, when provisioning Hosted PBX Solutions, depending on specific requirements we generally recommend either Yealink’s T4-Series Handsets or Yealink’s T5-Series Handsets.

Yealink T4 Series

There are several physical differences between the entry level handset and the top-of-the-line model in the T4 Series range. These include:

  • The physical size of the graphical Interface
  • Whether the screen is monotone, colour backlit or full colour including on-screen touch commands,
  • The amount of features and functionality which is accessible from the graphical interface as well as the preference to use either soft keys or on-screen touch commands.

In addition most T4 Series Handsets have options for wall mounting, support for Gigabit network connections as well as Extension Boards and Power Adaptors if phones cannot be powered over POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Yealink T5 Series

The Yealink T5 Business Phone Series introduces seven phone models for productive desktop communication and collaboration demands.

The Yealink Prime Business Phones T53, T53W, T54W and T57W are ideal for highly active voice communication users.

The Yealink Smart Business Phones T58A and T58A with Camera, and the Flagship Smart Video Phone VP59 are professional desktop collaboration tools well suited for executive offices and huddle rooms, delivering cutting-edge capabilities and affordable access to professional HD video.