Transform yesterday’s traditional meeting room into a state-of-the-art collaborative conferencing space.

Video Conferencing

Over recent times video conferencing has seen a quantum shift in popularity. This is predominately due to technology advancements, stable internet connections and cloud-based conferencing platforms, delivered (as a service) over the internet. Video Conferencing is now affordable, easy to use and more importantly accessible for all businesses big or small.

For the remote workforce, the use of personal computing devices, such a PC, mobile phone or tablet provide a turn-key solution for point-to-point conferencing. This is largely due to powerful onboard processing and enhanced codecs to enable HD video data streams as well as built-in speaker and microphone. Traditional meeting rooms and boardrooms on the other hand need to scale up, to accommodate both in-house participants and multiple external parties.

That’s where Neodigital can assist. Using industry leading technologies, Neodigital can transform “yesterday’s” traditional meeting room into a state-of-the-art collaborative conferencing space, delivering crystal clear audio and HD video, ensuring all participants can hear and be heard.

Room Design

When thinking about designing a meeting or boardroom for Video Conferencing, the key to a successful meeting is ensuring the components used are fit-for-purpose and room attributes such as layout, room size and lighting conditions are carefully considered. Too often, budget constraints, installation complexities or incorrect advice, can affect sound, picture and/or camera quality, ultimately leading to a less than satisfactory meeting experience.


Neodigital take care of every step in the process, from room design and installation, through to provisioning the most appropriate hardware & software. Neodigital provide video conferencing solutions for all room sizes, ranging from small huddle rooms, through to medium size meeting rooms and large boardrooms. Moreover, our professional installation practices, ensure that your meeting room functions and looks great without unsightly cables and potential tripping hazards.

Ease of use

To enable greater staff uptake, Neodigital provide technology that is convenient and simple to use, enabling staff to start meetings on the fly or schedule upcoming meetings via calendar integration with MS Outlook, Google calendar services and more and provide end user training, promoting staff engagement and maximize features, such as wireless screen sharing, how to send meeting invitations or adjust room condition controls.


With any new technology, there can be challenges with staff adopting new systems or ways of doing things. So, when fitting out a conferencing space, our solutions are designed to slot in with daily work habits and equally are simple to use. To set up a business grade video conferencing solution, requires a combination of software & hardware. From a software perspective, our hardware will integrate will all major software platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams Webex etc. However, Neodigital generally recommend ZoomRooms by Zoom as it ticks all the boxes in terms of user friendliness, offers calendar integration and security features.

Optimising Functionality

To compliment the video conferencing software, Neodigital customise meeting spaces with state-of- the-art conferencing hardware to suit specific requirements and room conditions. This may include provisioning one or multiple HD screens with or without touch capabilities, cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom to capture meeting participants, through to commercial grade speakers and microphones ensuring participants can hear and be heard regardless of their location within the room. In addition, for organisation with multiple meeting spaces, Neodigital can further improve the management of meeting room resources with information panels positioned at the entry of meeting rooms, displaying information such as room availability or if a meeting is currently in progress.