Onsite and Remote IT Services to enhance, protect and support network and business applications

Managed IT

IT Support to keep your business moving

Managing the IT environment within most organisations can be challenging at the best of times. With Information Technology moving at such a frenetic pace and equally the instances of network or cyber breaches, can leave businesses falling behind from a technology perspective as well as being vulnerable to cyberattack.

At Neodigital, we assist SMB’s with well-rounded Managed IT Services that remove the burden of managing IT environments as well as safeguarding systems and networks from cyberattack.

Neodigital provide a range of services from project-based work to assisting with a fully outsourced Managed IT Service capability.

IT Services Include:

  • On-Site & Remote Support
  • Anti-Virus, Malware Endpoint
  • Management Network & Endpoint
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Managed Firewall & Switching Appliances
  • Back-ups & Disaster Recovery
  • Cabling & Electrical Works
  • Cloud Migration
  • Project Management
  • Hardware procurement
  • NBN/4G & Business Grade Data Services

Prior to making any IT recommendations, we believe it’s key to understand your business goals, what IT challenges you currently face and/or the implications an unsatisfactory IT environment places on the running of your business. Too often, by not having dedicated IT on staff, the means to perform regular maintenance, patches or upgrades etc or having to attend to ad hoc outages or service issues, cause daily disruption, cripple productivity or worse the potential of losing or leaking data.

Though a holistic IT audit, Neodigital will help you understand the condition of your IT systems, network and endpoint performance as well as identify threats and vulnerabilities. Based on such findings recommend IT strategies and best practices to ensure business continuity, network performance, stability and security.