Hosted PBX solutions to promote seamless business communications anywhere and from any device

Hosted PBX

Voice solutions to empower business communications – keeping people connected

Neodigital’s Hosted PBX Platform takes office telephony to a new level. No longer restrained to the limitations of “On Prem” Phone Systems, Hosted PBX provides business agility, enables quick and simple deployment, custom call flows and consistent, effective communications for staff regardless of their location.

Hosted PBX is a complete cloud-based phone solution, enabling telephony to be delivered over the internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In other words, Hosted PBX is essentially provisioning a phone system in the cloud (Data Centre) rather than having a physical phone system installed in your office.

Hosted PBX is designed to be dynamic and user friendly. Unlike traditional “On-Prem” phone systems that are particularly difficult to program and require the assistance of a phone technician, Hosted PBX utilises a secure On-Line Management Portal, enabling staff to simply program or modify Call Flows or add extensions etc without any specific technical ability. Changes are made in real- time, removing the need to wait on hold for technical support or the hassle of arranging on-site support.

Cloud Hosted PBX Solution

Removes the need and high costs associated with “on prem” phone systems

On-line Management Portal

From your web browser, securely and conveniently manage PBX settings

Custom Call Flows

Design custom call flows & call routing directly from the secure On-Line Management Portal

All PBX features included

Flat rate for all PBX features

Desk Phone, Softphone or BYO Device

Choose from an extensive range of deskphones or softphone with support for PC, Mac & Android.

Call Conferencing

Conveniently bridge calls with direct in-dial numbers.

Night & Day Mode

Customise opening and closing times with “rules based” time switch scheduling

Virtual Receptionist – IVR Menus

Efficiently manage and route inbound calls to the correct person or department with IVR Menu’s – Simply record-your-own or let us customised professionally recorded IVR Menus

Ring Groups

Share and respond efficiently to inbound call activity with custom Ring Groups

Key Benefits to Hosted PBX

  • Capacity for staff to make and receive phone calls anywhere and at any time whether at home, the office or via mobile device.

  • Single phone system platform, capable of servicing multiple sites, regardless of geographical location

  • Support for mobiles & home office applications

  • Highly scalable voice solution, with the ability to scale up or down in real time to meet the changing needs of business.

  • Secure User/Admin portal – Providing unparalleled flexibility with the ability to add/delete users, change profiles and call flows, all in real time, without fuss or any special technical skills.

  • No restriction on the number of simultaneous incoming or outgoing calls.

  • A resource light solution without the need for high capital expenditure and costly upgrade cycles