Managing how, who & what is printed

Print Management

Whether your organisation is looking to recover or account for printing costs, wanting to enhance document security or to manage user print behaviour. Through our strategic partnerships with PaperCut, Y-Soft and Konica Minolta, Neodigital can recommend and implement the best solution for your print management requirements.

Print Management Software helps mitigate data breaches with the introduction of access control, secure print release and watermarking to protect documents throughout their entire life cycle. In addition will empower IT Staff to:

  • Track and control all print, copy, fax, and scan activity on MFDs.
  • Manage user access rights to devices based on function, for example, ‘marketing’, ‘administration’, and ‘finance’.
  • Implement copy quotas, charges, and per-page costs.
  • Enhance document security with Find-Me print release at both MFDs and printers.
  • Enhance device security with controlled access to your multifunction devices via user ID codes or building access cards.
  • Allow for cash payment of print, copy, scan, or fax — for pay-for-print environments.
  • Manage User Access – Authorise users to control who, when, and how they print. Link with AD, eDirectory, LDAP, or Cloud directories
  • Secure print release – Leverage the combination of identity cards and embedded MFD software for quick ‘tap and release’ of print jobs.
  • Watermarking – Bring back document ownership. Promote responsible document handling by applying a username watermark or a digital signature.