Delivering a premium level of support to ensure high availability and service responsiveness

Remote Device Monitoring and Management Customer Support Remote Care (CSRC)

To provide a premium level of support and to ensure high availability, all Konica Minolta Multifunction Devices and Printers are set up in the field to communicate over CSRC (Customer Service Remote Care). CSRC is set up on the Multifunction Device and using bidirectional communication channels, CSRC proactively communicates with the Konica Minolta Service Helpdesk and relays all relevant system data in real time. This includes advising if toner cartridges, drums units or other consumables are required and/or if routine maintenance or any other mechanical intervention is needed. Triggers for replacement toner cartridges are set to alert the Service Helpdesk when the cartridge has 20% remaining. Therefore, replacement toners and consumables arrive before the toner physically runs out. 


Secure connection:
The connection of print devices to the Konica Minolta service organisation via GPRS, CSRC DCA, E-Mail or HTTP(S) is secure; where of concern, the direct connection to the company network can be avoided using GPRS.

Bidirectional communication:
The monitoring of all included output devices is bidirectional for most methods, with which the devices can be connected to the CS Remote Care system via GPRS, eMail and HTTP(s).

Comprehensive monitoring: Among others, this covers the life cycle counters of components and consumables; generates status and error messages; etc.

CSRA (CS Remote Analysis): A system that periodically collects various data from production printing devices, such as sensor data; analyses and foresees malfunctions, as well as predicts the life of parts based on the collected data.

Automated service & supplies

Direct counter reading: This function automatically relays all relevant data, including volume readings.

Automated consumables ordering: The supply management ensures timely delivery of consumables in the exact required quantities.

No need for manual service calls: Visits of service engineers are scheduled automatically and at suitable times; the service engineer has all relevant information available already before the customer call.

Web portal access
  • Innovative and user-friendly web interface
  • Graphical model information and toner level
  • Quick overview of device status
  • Device status based on traffic lights system
  • Link to CSRA (CS Remote Analysis)
  • Reporting section with Export function (ad hoc and periodically by email) – New CSRC Mobile Portal (same look and feel as the CSRC Portal)