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Print Health Check

Are your printing costs out of control?

neodigital assist in identifying inefficient printers & multifunction devices and could show you how to shed thousands off your printing costs...

What is a Print Health Check?

All too often we find businesses owners, financial controllers and admin staff etc focusing on the day to day running of their businesses and in many cases, being time poor haven’t had the time or energy to explore if the office equipment they are using is right for their business.


Is the equipment efficient or inefficient? Is it meeting your needs or a hindrance? If you can identify with this you are not alone. So I’d like you to take a moment to consider a few questions listed below and if you answer “I don’t know” to any or all of the questions. It’s time for a Print Health Check!

  • Do you know what your entire fleet of copiers, MFD’s or printer cost to operate, would you have any idea?
  • Do you know if the features or the performance of your Print Fleet is helping your business or drain on efficiency, productivity or bottom line?
  • Would you know if sensitive documents were being left lying around or worse being taken from the office without your authorization or consent?
  • Would you know if you are paying too much for toner cartridges or inflated service agreement costs?
  • Do you know why you have so many printers all over the place? Was there a reason for it?
  • Do you know why there seems to be an endless pile of uncollected documents sitting next to the copier?
  • Do you know why last month’s bill for copying charges was so horrendous?
  • Why is there a half a dozen boxes of toner left on the shelf for the old printer we got rid of 3 years ago?


A Print Health Check will provide you with the answers!

Basically a Print Health Check is a comprehensive audit of all print devices within your organization detailing:

  • How many MFD’s, printers and fax machines are being used
  • The age of the equipment, total page count summaries and average monthly usage
  • Who is using them
  • What are they used for
  • Determine what percentage of copies and prints are customer facing documents
  • What staff require specific needs (such as confidentiality, finishing/stapling etc)

After gaining a clear understanding of your Print environment we will be able to explain what’s working well and what is not and make suggestions and recommendations to improve your situation.



What's Involved?

Performing a thorough and meaningful audit is a two part process. Firstly we simply access the Printer Fleet using a non-invasive USB Auditing Tool. This essentially pulls basic printer information such as:

  • Make & Model
  • Serial Number
  • Copy, print, scan and fax counters


The second part of the process is to perform a physical check on each device. This will assist:

  • Gaining an understanding from key users as to what they are using the MFD/Printer for
  • What features and functions are being used
  • And lastly will uncover if there is printing being sent out to external print shops and why


Do You Know?

According to Gartner (The world’s leading information technology research and advisory organization) say by eliminating old & inefficient copiers and/or expensive desktop laser printers and installing more efficient Multifunction Devices, businesses can save up to 30% on their printing costs